Ashish Jhalani

Founder & CEO - eTailing India (A #DIGITALERRA Company)

Ashish Jhalani is the Founder of eTailing India (the largest eCommerce Knowledge Platform in India). eTailing India provides knowledge to the retail and eCommerce industries by organizing conferences and workshops; releasing research reports, guides and directories. Recently eTailing India has also embarked on partnering to launch Indian School of eBusiness (ISeB) to provide eBusiness training. eTailing India recently announced a collaborative agreement with IRCE, the world-renowned e-commerce event and exhibition in the United States. Ashish is also closely associated with several ventures as an adviser and mentor.

 Ashish graduated from NYU Stern School of Business and worked as a Retail Expert for Kurt Salmon in their New York Office, where he helped clients such as Home Depot, Sara Lee Apparels, Tiffany & Co., Phillips Van Huesen devise their market strategy & operations. Ashish is also the Co-Founder & CEO of MySolitaire.com (US)